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Many companies that own utility networks face the issue of water losses caused by pipeline damage. Our company provides leak location detection services for water and heating lines. The work is performed by water supply and sewage engineers and a mobile laboratory outfitted with state-of-the-art pipeline diagnostics equipment: correlating devices, acoustic leak locators, leak sound sensors (loggers), etc. Thermal imagery is also used for locating hot water leaks.

We perform this work on a scheduled basis for large housing and utility companies, as well as on a one-off basis. Our customers include water and heating utility companies, water-intensive enterprises, private buildings and houses, construction companies, and many others. We will detect and locate the leaks and provide a technical report at the customer’s request. Customers may eliminate leaks by their own means, or we may advise on contractors.

The need for active leak detection may be dictated by flooding, exceeding capacity, and excessive water consumption. Background leak levels may be assessed by water flow meter readings at a time when water is not used beneficially, such as at night. We install a portable ultrasonic flow meter with data recording at input. When night water consumption is high, leak detection and elimination will yield very high economic efficiency and cut costs significantly.