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The purpose of the project in the water utility networks of the city of Podolsk was to provide written recommendations to the network operator on selected network areas, including information on costs and benefits of the performed activities, and analysis of the network’s technical condition (including estimates of expected water loss reduction parameters and environmental benefits).

Within the framework of the project, leading European experts were invited to provide advice and training to water utility personnel. These experts held seminars on management in the water utility sector, assessment of unaccounted water losses by identifying areas of controlled consumption (DMA), and on the philosophy of planned reduction of latent leaks.

Modern international methodology was used to determine estimated values of latent leaks in three water supply areas (DMA) in the Kutuzovo residential district. CJSC ‘Pipe Networks Experts’ specialists, jointly with the water utility, located water leaks both on a scheduled and on an emergency basis, when urgent detection of damage location was required.

Along with scheduled activities, water utility personnel were trained in the operation of state-of-the-art instruments, such as correlating devices, acoustic leak detectors, pressure recorders, etc. In addition, extensive work was performed on the Desninsky water line. Reliable as-built documentation is not available for the water lines from the Desninsky water wells; therefore, water line route location was proposed, together with an inspection of water valve condition. Pressure measurements were additionally scheduled along the water line. The most challenging sections were inspected for leaks as well. This project allowed the city of Podolsk to achieve significant economic benefit and immediate environmental results expressed in a reduction of the clear water flow rate.