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Within the framework of the Yaroslavl Project, an area in Rezinotekhnika District was inspected.

The following work was performed:

– The hydraulic models of the city and Rezinotekhnika District were verified
– Flow rate and velocity measurements were made in assigned points of the networks.
– An area water balance was prepared. – The district was inspected for leaks (active leak detection).
– Networks and manholes were inspected.

Leak detection activities:

– Approximately 10 km of pipeline were inspected with an acoustic leak locator.
– Over 3.5 km of networks were inspected with a digital correlating device.

More than 13 km of networks were inspected.

Water losses were broken down into the following categories: leaks in external and internal building networks, excessive water consumption, and unauthorized tie-ins which were found during inspections.
The completed activities allowed the city to achieve a significant reduction in uncontrolled consumption, which contributed to an overall reduction in the district’s consumption.