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Company Profile

CJSC ‘Pipe Networks Experts’ is a Russian-Dutch joint venture established in 2006. The company was incorporated by DHV CIS BV dhv.ru and OOO Volga-Center (LLC Volga-Center) volga-centre.ru/ru/company/history.htm.

Due to foreign participation, we have access to European methodologies for solving various problems. Our company personnel maintain close cooperation and share experience with their foreign colleagues.

The main activities of Ekspertiza KS include a broad range of technical and advisory services aimed at improving the conditions and efficiency of pipeline system operations. Such pipeline systems include water supply, heating supply and sewage networks, as well as distribution, gathering and transfer systems for other types of liquids and gases.

CJSC ‘Pipe Networks Experts’ specialists provide various types of services, including the following: leak detection; preparation of recommendations for leak elimination; advice on network design, upgrading, maintenance and expansion; leak elimination; hydraulic simulation; optimization of network operation; and enhancement of network management systems.

In its operations, CJSC ‘Pipe Networks Experts’ seeks cooperation with water utility companies.

The joint venture has a complete set of state-of-the-art equipment which is used for water and sewage line diagnostics: acoustic leak locators, correlating devices, metal detectors, route locators for any pipe materials, drain pumps, ultrasonic thickness meters, pipeline jetting equipment, push cable video inspection systems and remotely operated robots, network condition monitoring systems and ultrasonic flow meters.

PNE has mobile laboratories used for leak detection, which can be deployed to the facility at the customer’s request to fulfill specific tasks in a short time.