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CJSC ‘Pipe Networks Experts’ provides various comprehensive water line inspection services, such as compiling water consumption balances for companies, structuring of unaccounted water consumption, detection of leaks and unauthorized tie-ins, route location, and pressure and flow metering surveys.

Water Balance

One of the critical indicators for water utilities and large companies is the balance of water draw and volumetric efficiency. We provide flow rate measurement services and assessments of water accounting methods. For companies, we perform assessments of water demand for various processes, water use efficiency and water losses.

Structuring of Unaccounted Water Consumption and Losses

Unaccounted water consumption and losses include several components occurring due to various factors, including the following: latent leaks, excessive water consumption, unauthorized consumption and errors of metering instruments. Areas with controlled consumption (DMAs) and a minimum number of feed lines are used to study these factors. Water consumption balances are prepared for the areas, followed by inspections of distribution networks, which include detection of latent leaks and unauthorized tie-ins and verification of water meters. The inspection results serve as a basis for structuring unaccounted water consumption and losses and preparing an action plan to mitigate them and to improve the operating efficiency of water distribution networks.