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Completed Projects

  • Project in the City of Yaroslavl

    Within the framework of the Yaroslavl Project, an area in Rezinotekhnika District was inspected. The following work was performed: –... See details »
  • Project in Krasnodar Territory

    At the request of OOO Yugvodokanal (LLC Yugvodokanal), CJSC ‘Pipe Networks Experts’ completed a project which involved preparation of water... See details »
  • Measurement of Water Flow Rates

    In the town of Nemchinovka, CJSC ‘Pipe Networks Experts’ performed a comprehensive inspection of the sewage header. Header route location... See details »
  • Rostov-on-Don Project

    Within the framework of the Rostov-on-Don Project , CJSC ‘Pipe Networks Experts’ specialists prepared a water consumption and discharge balance,... See details »
  • Project in the City of Kostroma

    In Kostroma, CJSC ‘Pipe Networks Experts’ provided services in cooperation with its colleagues from DHV, Vitens and Ecorys (the Netherlands)... See details »
  • Project in the City of Troitsk (Moscow Region)

    The focus of the project in the city of Troitsk was to identify the causes for excessive water consumption in... See details »