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Within the framework of the Rostov-on-Don Project , CJSC ‘Pipe Networks Experts’ specialists prepared a water consumption and discharge balance, conducted hydraulic simulation of the water utility network, inspected water lines and the distribution network to identify leaks and unauthorized tie-ins, and performed work in DMA areas (District Metered Areas).

Thirty km of trunk water lines were inspected, and 43 latent leaks were located. In order to determine the structure of unaccounted for water, work was performed in four assigned demonstration areas (DMAs) with different water consumption patterns. In the first area, water networks are worn out, and utility lines are buried in headers. The second area is one of the areas that are in good order in terms of water supply, where networks are in satisfactory condition. Typical consumers in the third area are private households, and typical consumers in the fourth area are industrial enterprises. Water supply to each area was measured. Water consumption in the residential area was assessed (actual specific consumption by residents), water meters of enterprises were verified, and networks were inspected for leaks. As a result, area water consumption balances were prepared, and the basic causes of water losses were identified. After eliminating damage, area consumption measurements were repeated.

It should be noted that cooperation of CJSC ‘Pipe Networks Experts’ and the water utility (OAO PO Vodokanal (OJSC PO Vodokanal), Rostov-on-Don) resulted in significant water and power savings.
Upon completion of the work, recommendations were provided and a detailed action plan was prepared for reducing NRW (Not-Revenue Water).